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Growing wealth isn’t complicated and can be started by anyone. Wealthy people don’t have some secret, but they do know how to make money work for them. At the Generational Wealth Club we share this knowledge to help you improve your financial situation. Being better with money means you can enjoy a lifestyle as you’d like to live it.

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling… And Getting Paid For It!

There’s no two ways about it. When we do something good, we feel great! And what better way than to do something that will have a long-term positive impact in the places we live? Astonishingly over 16 million plastic bottles a day are dumped in the UK, most of which aren’t recycled. There are other single-use plastics too. The problem is global, so something needs to be done urgently. At the Generational Wealth Club we have access to technologies that can help eliminate plastic waste, and pays people for doing so.

Turn Monthly Savings Into Wealth Building Savings

Reducing how much money you owe is important and means that you have more disposable income to hand. But knowing what’s good debt and what’s bad debt is an important part of understanding how to build wealth. At the Generational Wealth Club we’ll explore ways to help you cut out the toxic debt from your lives and build for a brighter future.

The Best Experience Ever

The Generational Wealth Club is fantastic group of people. I learned so much in how to build wealth though real assets from mother earth, recycling of plastics, cleaning of water and PS! I also learned how to get involved in Oil and Gas. How I can save on my monthly expenses and move that saving in to building true residual income.
Shaun Schoeman
Wealth Builder

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